T-Pain’s Overwatch Twitch stream is strangely inspirational


Record producer, songwriter, rapper and Auto-Tune enthusiast T-Pain joined Twitch earlier this week, and while he spent a night playing the new Doom, the musician has since found his game of choice: Overwatch, which he’s spent several hours livestreaming this week.

Fans of songs like “Buy U a Drank,” hero-based shooters, celebrity Twitch streams and all of the above have filed in to watch T-Pain play Overwatch. Some have even had the chance to join his group or play some rounds against him. Throughout the streams, viewers have learned more about T-Pain’s gaming history (like how he spent over $10,000 while playing Madden NFL), fondness for Twitch and plans to cosplay as Overwatch characters at future TwitchCon events.

But in his latest broadcast, seen above, T-Pain goes deeper. Around the one-hour, 46-minute mark, the rapper gets real about how he finally feels able to revel in his true, game-loving self.

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