Watch T-Pain open up about the sadness of strip clubs


Vocalist, producer, Auto-Tune pioneer, and prolific 00s hitmaker T-Pain has been promising his new album Stoicville — his first since 2011 — since revealing it an insightful 2014 profile with the New Yorker. This year he released two new songs that show he’s keeping up his creative streak: “Officially Yours”, an ode to his wife put out around Valentine’s Day, and most recently “Hundred Mo Dolla$”, an anti-strip club story.

Produced by T-Pain and DJ Spinz, “Hundred Mo Dolla$” tells the story of a man leaving the strip club to find he’s been neglecting the one he really loves at home. “I would have had a hundred mo dollars if I would’ve stayed home,” he laments in the lyrics. Still, the song is hardly a neutered tale of domesticity: Pain finds that his girl at home does it better than the strippers ever could.

The track’s new video, shot and directed by T-Pain himself, is a noirish visit to a strip club. It’s focused not on the environment of the strip club, but rather on the athleticism of stripping itself. Watch the video for “Hundred Mo Dolla$” below, and read on for a Q&A with T-Pain about the concept behind the video and the art of stripping.